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Read and Learn about our Creative Director Nu NU.


 Hey Dolls..

Wow! If you have made it this far and landed on this page, you have shown a real true interest  in  my brand and I thank you!  So let me  address some topics you may be wondering about. The first question people always ask me is "how did you come up with that idea??

I always laugh and say ..well I was smoking this big really I just wanted to create a brand and platform that celebrates diversity, acknowledges , supports and embraces the  contributions  women of color  have made  to the    fashion  and beauty industry.  We are leaders!

This is  a  professional space to serve as a market ,   share our contributions with each other, and give credit  where credit is due!

You are our Inspiration!


 By Profession, I am a Critical Care Nurse, with over Ten years of experience in Critical Care , Aesthetic and Dermatologic Medicine.  

For my personal brand Neu Baby, I wanted to combine products and services that we use in these fields of healthcare, with the Fashion and Beauty Industry.   Products such as Cosmetic Tattooing, Skin Care and Aesthetics, Beauty Enhancers  and Hair  Products and Accessories,  not readily accessible  or   affordable to  the  general public. Neu Baby is   creator of the viral   temporary edge cosmetic tattoo ,  with patent pending, and located  in Los Angeles, USA. All products are Original and Custom works of Art.

Neu Baby Hairs, and Neu Skin are our first products that will launch on this platform ...with much more to come, so we hope you  will join us as a member to our site,   follow or blog, and  make your own contribution!


My personal brand  Neu Baby is the first line to  launch on this website. If you  would like to market your Business on this platform as well,  or interested  in becoming a reseller/wholesale,   please reach out to   us at for more details regarding the application process,  we are accepting submissions for review, and looking forward to growing with you!

If you want to know me , feel free to follow me on IG:   (aka Nu Nu).

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