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Neu Liners are landing soon!

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

Our new product will debut very's the scoop..

Love this look?!

So do we! Fashion Icon and Kylie Jenner certainly knows how to to turns heads when comes to creating a look, but how can you do the same you might be wondering?

Unlike Kylie, one may not have a professional make-up artist at there disposal, can afford to, or be one them selves riggghht! But we should all be afforded the same opportunity to rock hard, no matter what are status! Well now you can fact you will be able to achieve this very look with perfection in seconds with the same accuracy and precision, as a professional make-up artist! As a sneak peak , we in fact will offer this same look above .

A Killer Cat eye ..your dream Egyptian Wing ..just like the Goddess Yara Is styling in seconds flat...with no messy stamping, stickers that fall off in minutes, or Liquid Color Liners that dry out and looks ...what ...ASHEY ...Cmon girls it's 2021 ...we certainly can do better.....

We gonna TURN IT UP in 2021..let's change the game..

and now we have....Welcome to NUE LINERS girls! 🔥🔥🔥 Dropping Soon 😘

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