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Nike Jordan  Inspired Gel Hair Beads.


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What are Gel Hair Beads?


Our Gel Hair beads are covered with a superior quality gel color/clear coating , which are custom designed and created by Neu Baby Ceo Nu Nu. They are a handmade hair art and super cute hair accessory. Just like you favorite Gel Nail Set, our Beads are long lasting and non-breakable.


Our Gel Beads Fit: Small, Medium and Large Size Braided Styles.


Our Regular Beads Size Measure: 15mm in length with a 9mm hole. These are generally considered "large" size.

Our Small Size Beads Measure: 14mm in length with a 7mm hole. ( these are perfect for small braids or braid end tails.)


The Full Bead Set Comes with 50 Handmade Gel Beads.

Design as shown above. See video and pics.


The Partial Sets are a smaller version of the full set, and be worn as a center peices to your Braided Styles for a lil Extra Pop!


They are perfect for all kinds of Hairstyles such as, Cornrows, Lemonade Braids, Half up/Half Down Braided Styles, Dreads, Locs, Braids in Ponytails...etc


Are Sets are Handmade and require time to produce. Unless marked "In stock" We will ship your set as soon as possible, but due to large demand please allow 5-14 days for your set to be made and shipped.



Jump Girl (Red) or (Blue)

  • Nike Inspired "Jump Girl Full Set" comes with:

    13 Red Gel Beads with Crystal Swarvoski Swoop

    4 Red Gel Beads with Jordan Shoe/Swoop

    4 Red Gel Beads with Nike Swoop

    1 Red Gel Bead with Logo/Swoop

    5 Solid Red Gel Beads

    6 White Gel Beads with Nike Swoop

    6 White Gel Beads with Jumpman/Swoop

    3 White Gel Beads with Jordan Shoe/Swoop

    3 White Gel Beads with Logo/Swoop

    5 White Solid Gel Beads

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