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Saweetie is inspired by the Baby Hair Queen,  and modeled after our popular tattoo baby hair design " Im So Fancy ". 


 Do you  love the look of embellished babyhair? But don't have the time or patience to preform the tedious task of applying Crystals one by one! Only to have them fall off moments later. With our Crystal babyhairs now you can have the look you desire with perfect precision and design. Not only that , application takes only minutes. Simply peel, stick, and apply! Leaving you with flawless Crystal Baby Hair, perfect for special occasions, photoshoots, proms, weddings or just a night out with your boo. Our Crystal baby hair is made from high quality Swarovski Crystals and Reusable! Shine Bright like a Diamond 💎


  • Each Neu Baby, Crystal Baby Hair sheet comes with 1 pair of edges, one for the right and left side of the head

    1 pair: Saweetie 

    Our Cosmetic Baby Hair is especially designed to fit all head sizes naturally.

    Our Crystal Baby hair is made from Swarovski Crystals and Reusable. 





  • Step 1.

    Remove Crystal babyhairs from the protective sheet, and slowly peel  away from paper backing. 

    Step 2.

    Our babyhairs come prepped with adhesive,  but to make them extra secure,  we suggest,  adding a extra layer with a lace melting spray, or got to be glued 

    Step 3.

    Position and apply babyhairs to clean , product and make up free skin.

    Step 4. 

    Press and dry Babyhairs into place a with blow dryer on warm setting.

    Wallah ! Perfection in minutes 😍 




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